Pressure Cooker Recipe

Pressure Cooker Recipe


Aditi Marvel Bake mix+ - 250g
Egg - 3 nos
Water -  4Tbs (60ml) 
Aditi Sunflower Oil - 3Tbs (45ml approx.)

Method Of Preparation - Using Pressure Cooker 

  • Dry the inside of a pressure cooker and add a 1cm layer of table salt and place a metal/steel ring on it and keep it aside.

  • Add Aditi Marvel Bake mix +, eggs, water and oil into a bowl and blend with a spoon until the batter is thick.

  • Pour the batter into mould and keep it aside.

  • Put the pressure cooker on high flame for 1 to 2  minutes. Close the pressure cooker tightly. Do not put the whistle and rubber washer.

  • Open the cooker and place the mould (with batter) on the metal/steel ring which is over the salt layer.

  • Close the lid. Do not put whistle and rubber washer. Put the cooker on a low flame for 35 to 40 minutes/until baked.

  • Switch off the flame and remove the cooker from flame and keep it outside for 5 minutes.(Do not open the lid for 5 minutes)

  • After 5 minutes open the lid. Cake is done when a toothpick inserted in the centre comes out clean. Keep the cooker closed for 5 more minutes if cake is not well baked.

  • Take out the cake from mould and enjoy delicious Aditi Marvel cake.

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